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Kungsgårdsgymnasiet is an upper secondary school, founded in 1915. Originally the school was called “Norrköpings Handelsgymnasium” meaning Norrkoping College of Trade and Business. Today, a 100 years later, it is a modern school with 700 students and is located in the citycentre – the heart of Norrköping.

International cooperation initiatives
We commit ourselves to international cooperation initiatives. For example student and teacher exchange programmes, study visits and other projects. You can find our International cooperation initiative web pages via this link.

Digital equipment
The students have their own personal laptop, a very important tool during their education.

Programmes and options

Our programmes are:

Business management and economics Programme

Orientation economics
Since we work in collaboration with sponsors from local companies, as a student you will get the opportunity to see business theories in practice. We aim towards developing teamwork, goal-orientation and creativity. You will be given the opportunity to practice running your own small business.

You will study Marketing, Accountancy, Cost Estimation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organisation, Company Law, Psychology, Politics and Sustainable Development as well as International Economics.

Note: At Kungsgårdsgymnasium, working in conjunction with the Universities, Colleges of Higher Education and Trade and Industry, you can study for and receive a Senior High School Diploma of Economics.

Orientation law
In this orientation you will learn how to analyse legal problems on judicial grounds. You will learn how norms, morals and value systems affect and shape our community.

As well as the legal courses you will study Social Science, Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy and Psychology. Lectures, Study visits, and training in Rhetorics are important features of the orientation.


Vocational Programs

All our vocational programs build in "Work Experience". 15 weeks duration in total.

Business and Administration Programme
The programme aims to develop student’s knowledge about retailing and administration, where service and communication are crucial. With a diploma from the programme, students will have the knowledge needed to work in commerce, such as sales persons, purchasers and shop managers, or in administrative areas such as personnel, business or IT administrators.

Handicraft Hairdressing Program
In this programme you will work with theory and practice to develop your creativity and teamwork when working with styling and form. Your studies begin with cutting, colouring and permanent waving. You then continue with more advanced styling as well as learning about massage. Your studies include courses in entrepreneurship and how to run a business.

The school has a fully equipped Hairdressing Salon for your practical lessons and you will have Work Experience with local hairdressers. You may even get the chance to have your Work Experience in other countries.

The teaching team has wide knowledge and experience as well as excellent contacts in the trade.

Handicraft Style and Fashion Program
During your studies you will develop an appreciation of colour, form and style while working with make-up, skin and body care, nail-decoration, and hairstyling. Your studies include courses in entrepreneurship and how to run a business.

The school has a fully equipped Beauty Salon for your practical lessons and you will have Work Experience with local companies. You may even have the chance to get Work Experience in other countries.

You may choose to study to be a “Qualified Nail Therapist”, a diploma which applies internationally.

Upper secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities
Especially designed for students with learning difficulties.

Language introduction
For students who are not eligible for a national programme.

You can read more about the Swedish educational system and upper secondary school on The Swedish National Agency for Education web here.